World Quality Alliance (WQA) is a Leading Quality and Standard Organization Worldwide. It strives for one common goal to improve our customer’s Quality and management systems by offering value-adding assessment services. WQA Nigeria was founded to serve the West Africa region with a client base consisting of more than thousand clients, ranging from small enterprises, large blue chip companies.

Multinational Organizations and Government parastatals currently employ highly qualified auditors to maintain and deliver the high quality value added services.

WQA was established to provide vital professional stimulus for the development of Quality and Standards as a profession. WQA develops Industries through professional activities for the Research and Development of Philosophy Theory, Methodology and Application in the field of Quality and Standards.


Our Vision

To be a Leading Quality and Standards Organization that contributes to Human Life and Prosperity of Businesses Worldwide.

Our Mission

To Provide a Platform and Opportunity for Worldwide Quality and Standards of Products and Services through Enhanced Mutual relationship with all Stakeholders.

Core Values

Customer/client focused

Meets or exceeds their needs and expectations provides maximum value and growth potential to the world.


Meets all scheduled commitments, be decisive and take prompt actions, be sensitive to changing environment and circumstances.

Ethical Values

Performs every activity in consonance with int’l best practices, make all communications in an open and honest manner


Do what is practicable and workable, be adaptive.

Technical resource for quality management professions, encourage aggressive learning.


Values diversity (gender, culture, technical industry and job function). Serves the full range and types  of organizations (government, private NGO’s e.t.c)


Uses coloration and partnership as a source for the staffs and volunteers to work together and for world quality alliance to work with other organizations. Recognizes the contributions of individuals, while making collective quality decision and end result.

Mutual Respect

Strives for mutual respect between staffs, customers, partners and collaborators.

Why Quality and Standards Matters?

Quality and Standards makes an enormous and positive contribution to most aspects of our lives, Quality and Standards ensure desirable characteristics of products and services such as Quality, Environmental Friendliness Safety, Reliability, Efficiently and interchangeability at economical cost. When products and services meet our expectations, we tend to take this for granted and be unaware of the role of Quality and Standards.

However, when Quality and Standards are absent, we soon notice, we soon care when products true out to be poor Quality, do not fit are incapable with equipment that we already have are unreliable or dangerous. When products, System, machinery and devices work well and safely. It is often because they meet Quality and Standards, and organization responsible for many thousands of the Quality and Standards, which benefits the world, is ISO and WQA.

World-Class Management System Certification

WQA offers rewarding management system in all fields. The assessment, evaluation and certification management system is the core of our business. The holistic focus of WQA generate excellent services for our customers with over 2,000 customers in 10 countries, we serve a wide spectrum of industry sectors including Food, Healthcare, Aviation, Automobile, Real Estate, Mining Finance Electrical Engineering, Telecoms, Construction Services and ICT.

A Team Of Global Expertise

With 5,000 certified locations in more than 10 countries; WQA belongs to the top group of International Management Certification bodies, We have a team of global expertise in various aspects of management system certification which guarantees client satisfaction and grate value addition.

WQA Corporation with The International Certification Network_-IQNet enhances certification of globally active companies. WQA is a corporate member of IQNet.

Why WQA Is Different?

We have a team of highly qualified auditors to serve organization of every kind. Whether our customer needs an assessment and evaluation, we have the resources with a great number of experienced auditors; we provide expertise in almost every industry sector.

The executive management of WQA is very conscious of the importance of impartially in carrying out our assessment and certification activities. Potential conflict of interest is managed through ISO 17021 and accreditation process in order to assure the objectivity of all certification activities.

WQA Stands For

  • Integrity expertise and Quality
  • Value generating assessment and certification support
  • Support our client in further development of their management system
  • Partnership in integrated management systems
  • Strategic risk management
  • Innovative solution to Standards
  • Leadership in governance of ISO Standards

Why Make Us Your Certification Partner?

As your certification partner WQA offers

  • Assessment and Certification anywhere in the world
  • Fair contract term for client
  • Process Oriented audits that generate value
  • Consistent audit approach worldwide
  • Professional, experienced auditors partnership value
  • Coordinated management system and product certification program

Our ISO Services

  • Quality Management System ISO 19001
  • Environmental and Energy Management System ISO 14001, ISO 5001
  • Occupation Health and Safety Management (OHSAS) ISO 45001
  • Information Security Management ISO 27001, ISO 200000-1
  • Social Responsibility IQNet SR10 SEDex/SMETA SA 8000
  • QMS Automobile Industries ISO TS16949
  • QMS Aerospace Industry
  • QMS Medication Device Manufacturer ISO 13485, ISO 15378
  • Food Safety and Hygienic Management ISO 22000
  • RISK Management/Business ISO 31000, ISO 22301