Global Quality Excellence Awards

Quality is the critical success factor in competitiveness, especially when doing business internationally. As traditional trade barriers fall, they are replaced by internationally recognized quality systems such as ISO 9000 Certification and Environment management Systems (EMS). As a result, quality becomes not only a business imperative, but an essential life skill, that is fundamental to the success of individuals and companies as literacy and numeracy.

The Global Quality Excellence Awards

It is meant to celebrate Excellence in Quality conformance to customer needs and promote awareness of the important contributions that quality makes towards a nation, or organizations growth and prosperity. In a global economy where success depends on quality, innovation and sustainability, the Award is your choice to reinforce these, as the foundation of your organizations and brands for their achievements in improving brand/ business performance. The award is organized by world Quality Alliance with the support of Chartered Quality institute. The two organizations made an alliance to improve relationships in order to intensify the global commitment to Quality principles and their application in all society.

Winning a World Class Award represents Your Prime Opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate excellence and innovations with your chosen field.
  • Gain recognition amongst your business community peers for outstanding achievement.
  • Confirm your position as a market leading organization
  • Gain unique Press coverage for you and your project team
  • Enjoy a fantastic evening together as industries coverage to celebrate quality excellence.

Four(4) Reasons to Participate in the Award

  • Learn: Study other company’s brands and benchmark your organizations continuous improvement/effort
  • Share: Showcase and gain recognition from your organizations improvement process.
  • Recognition: Promote your company/brand’s recognition and motivate your staffs to embrace quality practices throughout your organization.
  • Innovate: Showcase your quality policy and innovation.

Benefit of Participating in the Award

  • Improves Business/ Brand performance
  • Reinforce organization/brand’s value
  • Provides insight into achievement level relative to the WQA&CQI Award Criteria
  • Expose your company/brand’s strengths and opportunities for improvement through feedback report.