International Excellence Leadership Awards

International standards assist the expansion of tailor-made resolution, which can be adapted to the particular situation of a given city. They pose best practices and expert knowledge, they are also vital to enable guaranteeing the quality and performance of goods and services. These years, we shall celebrate the world standard day by honoring the vital role and significance of standardization in all fields of endeavors.

The international standard leadership awards recognize the distinguished leadership in promoting the significant role of standardization in eradicating the global barriers to trade.

It will also honor the individuals/organizations that played a role in promoting standardization and eliminating the global trade barriers.

  • Beauty, Cosmetics and Fashion
  • Building Materials
  • Power/Energy
  • Real Estate
  • Security Companies
  • Maritime/Shipping
  • Furniture/Interior

Individual Award for The Contribution to Standards Development

  • Standard Driven CEO Of The Year
  • The Standard Project Awards
  • Best Standard Improvement Project
  • Standard Project Award
  • Best Environmental Management
  • System Project
  • Best Six Sigma Project
  • Best Business Process Excellence
  • Project

Innovation In Standard Leadership Award

  • Innovation In Standard Leadership
  • Practices To Facilitate Wide Coverage and Inclusion

Social-Economic Impact Of The Standards and ISO Certification

  • Innovation Of Standard Of Leadership
  • Innovation On Information
  • Communication and Technology Platform For Improved

Customer Services Delivery

Organizational Award for Standards Leadership

  • Best Company for Consumer Empowerment
  • Best Company In E-Business
  • Best Company In Standard Management
  • System Implementation
  • Best Company In Six Sigma Implementation
  • Best Company In Environmental
  • Management Implementation
  • Best Company In Learning Outcomes
  • Best Company In Business Relationship
  • Best Company In Customer Loyalty
  • Program

ISO Implementation Award

  • Standard Management System Award
  • Environmental System Award
  • Occupational Health Award
  • Award for Medical Devices
  • Aviation Management
  • Industrial Safety Award

Standard Leadership Award

  • Institutional Leadership Award
  • Corporate Leadership Award
  • Government Leadership Award
  • NGO Leadership Award
  • Religious Leadership Award

Sectorial/Industry Based Standards Leadership Award

  • Standard Infrastructure Deal Of The Year
  • Standard Investor Of The Year
  • Service Excellence In Corporate Of The Year
  • Agricultural Farm Of The Year
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Standard E-Commerce Award
  • Standard SME Of The Year
  • Standard Local Content Champion
  • Standard CSR Company Of The Year

Special Standards Awards

  • This Award goes to Different Organizations That Are Not Listed

Lean Six Sigma Awards

  • Implementation Strategies of Lean Six Sigma
  • Innovation In Lean Six Sigma Award
  • Transactional Process Of Lean Six Sigma Award
  • Lean Six Sigma Methodology Award