The Quality Journey is one that all organizations travel; whether consciously or unconsciously, under the title of quality of something else, all organizations use and need quality. As competitive and complexity of the global market grows, more organizations are embracing the need to think differently and inspire their employees. Some look to grow the number of tools and technique at their disposal so that they may find solutions they seek. Others may search for implementation strategies that produce the best results, and still others may look for methods to sustain the results they’ve already achieved. Those organizations that are established in the journey understand that the key to their success lies within the culture of their organization.

They have found ways to establish, transform and sustain environment in which innovation is fostered, leadership is shared, and all are aligned to a common vision. They have seen the results that these cultures produce and creativity they inspire. They have discovered the key to establishing a culture of quality.

The influence quality today, is broader than any other time history. The ability it has transform organizations and communities continue to be demonstrated in a growing number of ways. It is within this setting that forum of ideas and international network of thought, leaders, experts and peers who are eager to share their best practices, tested solutions, and proven results.

African Quality Congress is set to be informative and inspiring day of new idea, stimulating debate and renowned speakers, dedicated to driving forward the quality agenda, the congress will be proving delegates with greater understanding of how operational effectiveness and efficiency to vital organizational success. The conference is aimed at anyone looking to improve their organizational performance and networking opportunities.


  • The congress is meant to set and improve service standards in organization.
  • To provide a platform for reinforcing the growing relationship between Quality, Innovation and Leadership.
  • To promote Quality improvement discipline thereby creating sustainable environment for business growth and profitability.
  • To sensitize all stakeholders to embrace best practice in Quality improvement.
  • Share and exchange idea on the importance of quality to nations organization and individuals.

Reasons to Attend Congress

  • Find out how quality management operates in some of the country’s most successful businesses.
  • Debate, discuss and network with senior leaders in the quality profession.
  • Gain in-depth analysis of the latest trends in quality management during the congress.
  • Learn how to increase productivity, manage risk and satisfy customers and transform your organization.
  • Be inspired by inspirational speakers on how to lead your quality team to success.


Focus Areas


  • Building a Sustainable Quality culture in Africa
  • Trends and challenges of Quality management in the 21st century
  • New skills for Quality professional in Africa
  • Repositioning Quality profession in the 21st century


  • Leveraging Quality to develop creative solutions for the future
  • The intersection of Quality and creativity.
  • Creating an environment to foster innovative thinking.
  • Tools for helping participants think outside the box on how they approach innovation.


  • Creating/sustaining a culture of Quality communication
  • Quality professional development
  • Driving Quality

AQC/AQAA Exhibition

AQC/AQAA Exhibition is a professional trade show that Focuses on quality products and services in all organization. This year edition will take place in the city of Lagos, the commercial Nerve of West African. It gives 360 view of quality assurance and gives top Visibility to sweeping trends, innovations and an excellent networking opportunity for decision makers, innovation manager, quality provider etc.

Why Exhibition @ AQAA Exhibition?

Participation as an exhibitor at  AQC exhibition can take you straight to your target market demonstrate your level of support and commitment to Quality Management systems.

The AQC exhibition provides your organization with:

  • Maximum exposure at a premium conference and exhibition devoted to increase your Brand visibility
  • An opportunity to build a reinforce strategic relationship with customers
  • A cost effective ways to reinforce your organization’s brand and build brand awareness among relevant audience.
  • Time to present latest innovations and new products or services to a pertinent audience and showcase your expertise and capabilities.
  • It showcases the “best of best” quality management project to an African audience.
  • To demonstrate your Brand/company committee to audience by showing that your organization is at par with leading organization.
  • It reinforce your company/brand’s committee to quality in the eyes of competitors
  • It showcases your quality policy through an interactive platform and profiles your quality achievement.

AQC Exhibition Promotion

The event is a must attend for any progressive executive. The event has been uplifted to high international profile. To ensure you get your money worth, we have:

  • Invited key decision makers throughout Africa
  • Liaised with necessary government and non-governmental agencies
  • Engage massive promotion within the African nations and world quality community
  • Mail exhibition information to industry buyers
  • Encourage the general public to attend and see the latest brand, product and services
  • Agree with media advertisement and coverage.

Who Should Exhibit?

Every company that has interest in quality improvement should be at exhibition. All top industry leaders, executive, manager’s operational personnel and the general public are invited to this exhibition

Exhibition Registration Fee: Nigeria exhibitor – 150,000

Foreign Exhibitor – $1,359