The African Quality Archivers Award 2021

Date: 16th April, 2021
Time: 11.00AM
Venue: Sharaton Hotel & Towers, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Reasons to attend congress

  • Find out how quality improvement operates in some of the country’s most successful businesses.
  • Debate, discuss and network with senior leaders in the quality management profession.
  • Gain in-depth analysis of the latest trends in quality improvement during the conference.
  • Learn how to increase productivity, manage risk and satisfy customers and transform your organization.
  • Be inspired by inspirational speakers on how to lead your quality team to success.

The Quality Journey is one that all organizations travel; whether consciously or unconsciously, under the title of quality of something else, all organizations use and need quality. As competition and complexity of the global market grows, more organizations are embracing the need to think differently and inspire their employees.

The influence quality today, is broader than any other time in history. The ability it has to transform organizations and communities continue to be demonstrated in a growing number of ways. It is within this setting that the 2021, a forum of ideas and international network of thought, leaders, experts and peers who are eager to share their best practices, tested solutions, and proven results.

African Quality Congress 2021 is set to be an informative and inspiring day of new idea, stimulating debate and renowned speakers, dedicated to driving forward the quality agenda, the congress will be providing delegates with greater understanding of how operational effectiveness and efficiency to vital organizational success.

The conference is aimed at anyone looking to improve their organizational performance and networking opportunities.

They have found ways to establish, transform and sustain environment in which innovation is fostered, leadership is shared, and all are aligned to a common vision. They have seen the results that these cultures produce and creativity they inspire.

Some look to grow the number of tools and techniques at their disposal so that they may find solutions they seek. Others may search for implementation strategies that produce the best results, and still others may look for methods to sustain the results they’ve already achieved. Those organizations that are established in the journey understand that the key to their success lies within the culture of their organization.

Recent Pictures


  • Bangladesh Society For Total quality management (BSTQM),BangIadesh, China association for quality (CSQO,China).
  • Chinese society for Quality(CSQO,Chinese Taipei. Dubai Quality group (DQG),Dubai.
  • Hong kong society for Qsasuality (HKSQO),Hong kong.
  • Karkz organization for Quality and innovation management-KOGlM India society for Quality (ISQ),India.
  • Indonesian Quality for Quality(ISQ),India.
  • Indonesian quality management association (IQMA),Indonesian. Japanese society for quality control (JSQC),Japan
  • Iranian society of quality managers Control(JSQC),Iran. Korean society for quality
  • Network for quality ,productivity and competitiveness Nepal (NQPCN),NepaI Quality and productivity society of Pakistan(GPSP),Russian
  • Russian organization for quality (ROQ),Russian Singapore quality institute (SQI),Singapore
  • The Standard for quality association of Thailand (SQAT),ThaiIand Vietnam Quality association of Ho Chi Minh City (VQAH)Vietnam India 2 Korean Standard Association (KSA).
  • Korea.1 New Zealand Organization for quality (ZOQ),New Zealand Quality Austria (QA)
  • Flemish Quality Management Center VCK Bosina and Herzegovina Association
  • Club 9000.quality council of India(QCI)
  • Croatian society for Quality (HDK) Berislaviceva 6,10000 Zagreb ,Croatia Czech Society for Quality (CSQ) Cyprus Association for Quality (CYAQ) ESTONIA Association for Quality
  • Association France Quality Performance (AFQP) Finish Faulty Association
  • Georgian Association for Quality(GAQ) Deutsche Gesellschaft for Quality E.V.(DGQ) HELLENIC Management Association (EEDE)
  • Hungarian National Committee for EOQ(HNC-CEQ)
  • Kazakh Organization for Quality and Innovation Management (KOQIM) Malta Chamber of Commerce ,Enterprise And Industry APQ
  • Romanian Association For Quality (ARC)
  • Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology Solvak Society for Quality (SSK)
  • Slovenia Association for Quality and Excellence (SZKO) SPANISH Association for Quality
  • Swedish Association for Quality Swiss Association for Quality Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) Ukrainian Association for Quality Pan African Quality Organization


  • Benin Agence Beniniose de Normalization et de Gestion de la Qualite ImmeubleTrinite (ABENOR) Burkina Faso Direction de la Normalization et de la Promotion de la Qualite (FASONORM) Cameroon Standards and Quality Agency:ANOR
  • Congo Brazzaville Project Centre de Normalization et de Gestion de la Qualite Industrielle (PCNGQI)
  • Cote ‘dIvoire’organisme National de Normalization et de Certification de la cote d’lvoire: CORDINORM
  • Democratic Republic of Congo Office Conglais de ControIe:OCC Egyptian organization for Standardization &QuaIity:EOS Ethiopia ESA
  • Gabon Agence De Normalisation et de Transfert de Technologies (ANTT) Ghana Standards Authority:GBS
  • Guinea institute Guineen de Normalization et de Metrogie(IGNM)
  • Guinea Bissau Direccao de services de normalizacao e promocao de quaIidade(DSNPG) Kenya Bureau of Standards:KEBS
  • Liberal division of Standards (LDS)
  • Madagascar Ie bureau de Normes de Madagascar:BNM Malawi Bureau of Standards:MBS
  • Mauritius Standards Bureau :MSB Namibian Standards Institute:NSI
  • Niger Agency Nationale de Verification de Conformite aux Normes(AVCN) Nigeria Standards Organization of Nigeria: SON
  • Rwanda Bureau of Standards: RBS
  • Senegal Association Senegalaise de Normalization:ASN Sechelles Bureau of Standards:SBS
  • Sierra Leon Standards:SLSB
  • South Africa Bureau of Standards (SABS)
  • Sudanese Standards & MetroIogy Organization :SSMO
  • Libyan National Center for standardization and MetroIogy: LLNCSM Swaziland Standards Authority SWASA
  • Tanzania Bureau of Standards TBS
  • Togo De la Metrologuie Industrielle et de la Promotion de la Qualite
  • Tunisia National Institute for Standardization and Industrial Property:INNORPI Uganda National Bureau of Standards:UNBS
  • Zambia Zambia Bureau of Standards: ABS