The Quality Standard Journal

The Quality Standards Journal is a Pan-African Magazine that organizes Quality and Standards information and makes the knowledge available and access to African Publication. It is the central source of information regarding Standards and Quality Management in Africa.

QSJ is a publication that places the search beam on best global practices on both products brands and corporate that are either manufactured or imported into Africa market for the consumption of different citizen in the various Africa Countries contained in the continent.

The Magazine in-depth content would always present compliance in Quality Standards of products services delivery. QSJ is a quarterly publication with top class print, consistency in-depth reporting and tips on Quality and Standards practices with the Africa continent and globally.

The magazine discusses key issues, Standards and Quality Management and promotes awareness on the importance contribution that make towards national and organization growth and prosperity.

It is published by World Quality Alliance (WQA) printed in Lagos, Nigeria and it is five years old on the shelf with print-run of 5,000 copies circulated strategically in select Business Hub Pan-Africa.

Our Mission

To be the premier Quality and Standards publication that bridges theory and practice to enhance understanding

Our Vision

To organize Quality Management and Standards Information and make it accessible to stakeholders

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Independence
  • Credible
  • Objectivity
  • Value-Addition