African Quality Congress

The quality journey is one that all organisations travel; whether consciously or unconsciously, under the title of quality of something else, all organisations use and need quality. As competition and complexity of the global market grows, more organizations are embracing the need to think differently and inspire their employees. Some look to grow the number of tools and technologies at their disposal so that they may find solutions they seek. Others may search for implementation strategies that produce the best results, and still others may look for methods to sustain the results they’ve already achieved. Those organizations that are established in the journey understand that the key to their success lie within the culture of their organization.

They have found ways to establish, transform and sustain environment in which innovation is fostered, leadership is shared, and all are aligned to a common vision. They have seen the results that these cultures produce and creativity they inspire. They have discovered the key to establishing a culture of quality. The influence quality today, is broader than any other time in history. The ability it has to transform organizations and communities continue to be demonstrated in a growing number of ways. It is within this setting that the 2022, a forum of ideas and international network of thought, leaders, experts and peers who are eager to share their practices, tested solutions, and proven results

African Quality  congress 2023 is set to be an informative and inspiring day of new idea, stimulating debate and renowned speakers, dedicated to driving forward the quality agenda, the congress will be providing delegates with greater understanding of how operational effectiveness and efficiency to vital organizational success.

The conference is aimed at anyone looking to improve their organisation performance and networking opportunities.