World Quality Day

World Quality day was introduced by the United Nations in 1990 to increase the global awareness of the important contributions of quality to national growth and prosperity.

In 2013, World Quality Day fell on the 14th of November, with a week- long celebration around the world, running from 11th to 15th of November, 2013. Every year, quality professionals develop a world quality day theme around the critical issues facing businesses.

2014, Theme “Building a quality world together” focused on making the world a better place with the use of quality management. There is a big aspiration worldwide to improve the quality of life of world citizens.

The theme of the world quality day 2015 was “Sweet Dream”. A 2015 report by the Earth Security Group raised some of the key challenges affecting the industry, such as profitability for farmers and productivity of cocoa trees. These are areas where quality professionals can provide potential solutions.

The theme for the 2016 World quality Day was “Making Operational Governance Count”. The debate on making operational count began at the World Quality Day 2016.

If society wishes to be assured, that the stated organizational values and policies are enacted within organizations, more corporate governance alone will not be the solution. The quality professional, can provide the required assurance and insight into the extent, to which values and policies are used within an organization, through the system of operational governance, which we know as the business management system. Improving the links between existing corporate and operational governance system makes sense. Indeed, organization are quickly facing some stark choices.

Organizations in public, private and profit sectors should consider using good operational governance as a differentiator and publishing a transparent Quality Statement as part of the annual report.


  • To sensitize all stakeholders to embrace the best in quality management.
  • To share and exchange ideas on the importance of quality and productivity
  • Setting and improving service standards in organizations.


World Quality day is your opportunity to raise awareness of quality  and the vital role it plays in creating and maintaining successor businesses. In other words, This is your chance to show your and Senior managers, what world quality professionals do and why it’s so important.

By getting involved, you can benefit from the following:

  • Influence senior management
  • Creates stronger working relationships with you colleagues.
  • Raise the profit of quality management in your organization.
  • Share the knowledge and network with quality management professionals.
  • Increase interests in quality management in the wider.