World Standards Day

The World Standards Day is celebrated every year by the member of IEC (the international Electro Technical Commission), ISO (The International Standard Organization). This signifies the means of paying honor to the joint efforts of the numerous experts across the world that voluntarily develop the technical agreement which are issued as International Standard Day is a global observance held annually, World Standard Day was formerly established in the year 1970 by Mr. Faruk Sunter, the team President of IES (International Organization for Standardization).

With the help of international standards, technical obstructers in international commerce can be defeated. Implementation of the World Standards became a critical issue post-industrial resolution. Through the first international standard organization was formed in the year 1906, the most vigorous expansion started when the ISO was formerly found in the mid-20th century.

World Standard Day was formed by the ISO for raising the awareness of the significance of standardization to the global economy.

Standardization is basically the method of development and implementation of technical standards. The conference was commemorated on October 14, 1946, in London. The ISO was envisaged during the conference. The celebrations of world standard day are synchronizing by different international standard organization, including the ISO, IEC, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Employees), ITU, WQA, IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), etc. A Variety of activities are performed by national standard organizations throughout the world.